If you are planning to go on a few days road trip and you can not live without the laptop, some people need to complete an assignment while going to college. Let’s explore a few simple solutions to charge a laptop on the run quickly, no matter the case. But you need a particular type of equipment to complete this task. Finding out the special equipment for charging a laptop in the car is straightforward and effective. Typically, and traditionally charge the laptops through a wall-mounted AC charger. But the modern laptops come with a variety of charging options. But now you can quickly charge your laptop inside a car.

This article shows you the best possible ways to quickly charge your laptop while driving a car. Furthermore, it would help if you remembered not all these ways are effective and safe.

Method 1: Using a USB charger

If you don’t have a cigarette lighter to use a USB charger, this is the best and easiest way to charge your laptop when you are driving. So, it would help if you only had a USB charger that would work with your car. You can buy this charger from any electronics store or order it online.

The best thing is that it is 100% safe to use for driving. And you don’t have access to a cigarette lighter to use your car battery, which is dangerous, and you are driving on a bumpy road. And it is not taking too much time to charge a laptop, especially if you are using a USB charger. So, you can leave your laptop charging in the car during the day even when you are not using it.

Method 2: Using A Universal USB Charger

This is another way to quickly buy a universal USB charger to use in your car with the universal charge. You can quickly charge your laptop by plugging the USB cable into the power outlet and the car cigarette lighter. Also, you can make sure your laptop supports charging through USB ports. Most laptops do not take the charging input through their USB Type-C ports. On the other hand, do support charging through USB Type-C ports, such as MacBooks and Dell XPS series of laptops.

Method 3: Using A Power Bank

You can take a large power bank that charges your laptop. However, make sure your laptop supports the charging through a power bank.

Some laptops do not have a USB Type-C input, but now the modern laptops take in charging through USB Type-C ports such as MacBooks and Dell XPS series of laptops.

Method 4: Using a Car Laptop Charger

The laptop charger is the best way to charge a laptop in a car. You can simply plug it into your laptop power jack and then start charging the same as a standard charger that comes with your laptop.

By Using the 12V power outlet

Simply connect the charger to your car socket and start charging by plugging the other end to your laptop power jack. Remember your car engine is running when you are doing this process. On the other hand, it may damage your charger or laptop if you start the engine afterward.

These are the car chargers. They are not expensive, so you can find any electronics store near you or on Amazon if you want to like online orders.

Most car chargers come with so many different and multiple connectors, so you can make sure you use the one that fits your laptop’s power jack, although you can damage your laptop and power jack if you use force in the case does not go in.

Method 5: charge your laptop by using an Inverter

If you have a laptop with no USB C and A-type ports, you can use the inverter with the original laptop charger.

charge your laptop by using an Inverter

So, you can buy a car power inverter. This inverter device converts the 12V DC to 110V AC. After converting the voltage DC into AC, you can plug your laptop charger into the inverter and quickly charge your laptop.

Method 6: By Using the 12V power outlet

Your car has no integrated USB ports, so you use the 12V cigarette lighter socket and then Plug in a USB adapter in the outlet, and you can easily connect your laptop by using a USB-C cable.

Final Words

If you want to charge a laptop in the car, you can easily do it and be safe as long as you can read the whole article and see the best possible and straightforward methods to charge your laptop in the car quickly.

Read this guide that gives you a simple and effective way to charge your laptop in the car. If you have any queries, ask in the comment section, and we will answer you as soon as possible.

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